About Us

Rayon Lighting Group’s true passion towards specification grade lighting is the driving force behind the creation of Integer Lights. This new brand is dedicated to “point source” LED architectural luminaires. Integer Lights offers performance & functionality while adhering to the highest engineering standards, including enhanced optical design, thermal management and consideration of other enhancing features. The goal is to provide a perfect balance between all elements of performance, installation aesthetic appeal and usage. The challenge has been great, and the results are compelling. 

Our product designers and engineers collaborated with the architectural community, contractors and end users to provide solutions for venues where people live and work.  Integer Lights is at the cutting edge of LED technology advancements by offering Warm Dim, Tunable White, and Amber lighting in collaboration with a myriad of driver selections that meld with all dimming protocols. Our strict standards adhere to Energy Star and California Title 24 requirements. 

Rayon Lighting’s USA production capabilities enable us to customize our fixtures to our customers’ needs.  We understand that each application poses its own hurdles and we strive to provide exceptional solutions.

These light fixtures are available in the US & Canada through our network of elite agents.      

The success of our company is in direct correlation to our commitment towards our employees.  We value their daily dedication to higher standards and allow them to grow within the company.   We listen to their suggestions and ideas, as we do with our clients, which allows us to respond and grow. 

Integer Lights/Rayon Lighting is a member of the Illuminating Engineering Society North America (IESNA) and are approved educational providers to the American Institute of Architects (AIA).  We are partners with Energy Star and Design Light Consortium (DLC).  Lastly, we are participants of the Exhibitor Advisory Committee to Lightfair, which is the largest Tradeshow and Conference in Northern America to the lighting industry. 

For further information, please contact your local Rayon Lighting/Integer Lights agent, Sales Manager, or info@rayonlighting.com.